Adecco hosts GDPR and cyber security event in Dublin

Gavin Tagg and Pat Moran share their expert insights with Adecco clients about the forthcoming data privacy legislation


Earlier this week, business professionals across multiple sectors joined Adecco in Dublin for our latest breakfast seminar to find out more about two key topics: the hugely relevant GDPR and cyber security. 

Hosted by Alex Fleming, Country Head of the Adecco Group UK&I, the event saw industry specialists Pat Moran, Cyber Security & Data Privacy Leader at PwC Ireland, and Gavin Tagg, General Counsel at the Adecco Group UK&I, share their in-depth knowledge about these popular areas of discussion.

A guide to the GDPR

To kick off the morning, Pat began by taking the audience through the key data privacy regulations as well as highlighting the importance of cyber security and how it affects different industries.

With common questions from consumers including: “What information of mine is being collected?”, “Where is my information being stored?” and “Who is my information being shared with?”, it’s never been more important for people to adapt their business practices.

Pat commented: “Think of GDPR across three pillars. This is a new transparency framework, a new compliance journey and a new punishment regime.” 

He continued: “Some of my clients are using GDPR as a vehicle to clean up a lot of their data systems. Have you considered this for your business?”

Given that the forthcoming regulations can have a detrimental effect on a brand, clients should make informed decisions about their approach to this issue to ensure their reputation is safeguarded.

Our Group perspective

Following on from Pat’s introduction, Gavin outlined the steps we’ve taken so far here at the Adecco Group on our journey towards compliance. 

To be a caring and trusted partner, data protection and privacy needs to become part of our DNA over time—and this rings true for other businesses.

Providing top-line guidance to clients, Gavin said: “Don’t tackle everything at once. Focus on the major risks first. Human beings will always make mistakes and do things you don’t want them to do, so don’t try and be 100 per cent compliant from the offset.”

“The two key messages for me are accountability and transparency. If these factors are prioritised in your business, you’re on the right track.”

Staying safe from cyber crime

To conclude, Pat explored the evolving threat of cyber crime, the many pitfalls associated with cyber security and what companies should do to protect themselves from the risks.

He explained: “Cyber criminals will use LinkedIn and Facebook to form intelligence on a particular person. Then, they’ll make contact.”

Distribution of viruses, illegal downloads, phishing and theft of personal information all cause widespread damage and economic loss, so specialist cyber security services are often required to mitigate problems caused.

Key questions for clients to consider: 

- What information do you collect, process and store that is critical to your organisation?

- How are you protecting high-value information?

- How do you manage cyber security threats?

- How does your cyber security strategy align with your business objectives?

- Would your organisation be able to detect a breach and if so, what would you do?

Today, companies must implement solid investigation and communication strategies, along with set processes to cover forensic and analytical work.

Pat commented: “My simple framework for data protection is based around three key principles: people, process and technology. If you follow this framework, you can’t go far wrong.”

For further information regarding the GDPR or to find out how our recruitment services can assist your business with this issue, please speak to a contact at your local Adecco branch.

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To view the slides from the breakfast seminar, please click below.

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